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Publications of ISI Fellows

The following table lists some of the books published by ISI fellows. The research for these books was at least partially informed by the author’s work on ISI research teams.

The Emerging Consensus in Social Systems Theory
Internet-based Framework for Empowering Social Change
Effective Online Dialogue – Toward a Theory of Internet-Mediated Communication
How to Play Nice Together



After each year’s Asilomar Conversation, research teams prepare a report on their experiences and findings. Individual participants are also invited to submit follow up reports. These reports are collectively published as Proceedings. These are available on request.


The following editions of ISI’s newsletter, ISI Conversations, are available on request:


* June 2005, Volume VXI, Number 2

* February 2005, Volume VXI, Number 1


* September 2004, Volume VX, Number 3

* April 2004, Volume VX, Number 2

* January 2004, Volume VX, Number 1


* May 2003, Volume VIX, Number 2

* January 2003, Volume VIX, Number 1


* September 2002, Volume VIII, Number 2

* May 2002, Volume VIII, Number 1

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